You may have heard about the healing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), but did you know that it also has uses in the beauty industry? Yes! If you check the ingredients of some of the top-selling beauty products on the market today, don’t be surprised to find CBC, hemp extract or cannabis extract listed among the ingredients. CBD is not only useful in dealing with conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, cancer and much more, but it is also helpful in dealing with numerous skin conditions. CBD has a direct and indirect effect on healing the skin. By promoting sound sleep, reducing stress, helping you fight addiction and fighting depression, CBD improves the state of your skin. It also directly heals several skin issues like dry skin, eczema, acne, psoriasis.

Fights Wrinkles and Signs of Aging
CBD nourishes the skin and leaves it looking young and radiant. This cannabis extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also counteracts the damage to the skin caused by free radicals. A combination of these factors is why CBD is effective at reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging on the skin.

Another way CBD reduces the effect of aging on the skin is by supporting the production of collagen. As we grow older, the rate at which the body creates collagen decreases. Collagen is a protein that plays a role in the development of our skin, hair nails, and bones. This is why older people have sagging skin and wrinkles. By spurring the production of collagen, CBD reverses the effect of aging on the skin.

Soothes Sensitive Skin
People with sensitive skin often struggle with different skin conditions in their lifetime. CBD has been found to soothe sensitive skin. It inhibits acne breakouts and prevents other skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. In this way, CBD soothes sensitive skin. CBD is effective for all skin types.

Reduces Acne Breakout
Acne is one of the top skin conditions in the world. In the U.S., as much as 50 million people in America suffer from acne breakouts yearly. Although this skin condition is common among young adults, it can affect people of all ages. CBD can heal acne thanks to its anti-inflammation properties. It also prevents excessive oil production by the sebum gland. As a result, it reduces acne breakouts and skin redness associated with the condition.

Improves Blood Circulation
The blood is responsible for spreading oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When the cells of the body are well nourished, they are healthy and function well. Poor circulation of blood to parts of the skin is one of the causes of slow skin regeneration, skin discoloration, and other skin issues.

Improves Sleep
Proper rest is vital for skin regeneration. Lack of sleep can go a long way to accelerate the process of aging and lead to other health issues. CBD can help to restore your proper sleep cycle. Thereby, it improves the condition of the skin and reduces circles under your eyes.