On Duty CBD is an American CBD company that makes some of the best CBD products on the market. This CBD is based in Kentucky and has a lab located in Lexington. On Duty CBD is run by veterans. The company’s CEO Greg Keeley is a retired U.S. Navy Commander. The On Duty CBD team also includes doctors, scientists, farmers, and researchers. This company is on a mission to provide the American people with the best CBD products.

On Duty CBD is a firm believer in American values and reflects it in its operation. This company does everything in-house – from seed to bottling. This company uses only ingredients sourced the United States and no imported materials. On Duty CBD extracts its CBD from hemp plants grown by veterans in Kentucky.

On Duty CBD has a goal of introducing CBD to people who serve such as firefighters, military officers, first responders, nurses, moms, firefighters, gun owners, and many others. This company believes in providing people with high-quality CBD products without any gimmicks.

“Supporting our military and first responders with American grown, veteran farmed CBD products is important to us, after all, no matter what you do, you are always on duty,” Keeley said.

A third-party lab tests all the products from On Duty CBD. The results of these tests are made available at the On Duty CBD website. On Duty CBD products have a QR code which allows the company to trace back to the farm where the hemp used to manufacture them was harvested. This company’s products do not contain pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals or other contaminants. On Duty CBD does not test its products on animals and they are vegan-grade.

On Duty CBD’s Pure CBD Oil comes in 30ml bottles and is available with different CBD concentration levels – 500mg, 750mg or 1500mg of CBD at $54.95, $74.95 and 124.95 respectively.

The company also makes THC Free CBD oils with 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg of CBD at $54.95, $74.95 and 124.95 respectively.

On Duty CBD also makes a lotion with 750mg of CBD and it costs $49.95. The company even has a CBD roll on and CBD oil for pets.

You can and read about all On Duty CBD and its products at http://ondutycbd.com. This company offers free shipping for every purchase.